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Takeone Photography can offer you a superb package to capture your special day at a price that suits you. We can come to your home at your convenience and discuss all the protocols of day. You can choose to have a conventional wedding, a reportage style wedding or even have it mixed; the choice is yours.

If a package does not meet your requirements, you can hire the photographer for the day and prepare your own album using the photographs on offer. If you require more photographs to make your own album or a parent's album, this would be no problem as all the photographs on the CD will be identified so prints can be ordered at a later date if required.


Established Since June 2005 !

Takeone Photography Ensure the bride’s special day is captured from all possible angles.


Available light changes and shifts, which is when most cameras start to have problems that will either under or over, expose the image. Takeone Photography uses the very latest SLR cameras with a wide variety of lens. To date Takone Photography has captured over 50 weddings and numerous engagement parties. Takeone Photography has had the pleasure and experience working with stunning multi culture wedding events hosting over 600 venue guests.


Takeone photography has been specifically selected by Royalty to cover a grand opening in the next coming months.


We are proud of what we do! We encourage you to meet us to see proof of our work, we have a package that meets all couples demands no matter how small or large the budget.

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